Look a new blog post!

31 Dec

I haven’t updated this blog in years! But, I have some new projects I thought I would share 🙂

I have playing on Pinterest a lot lately and really like all of the knob projects. So for Christmas I made my sister and soon-to-be sister-in-law jewlery hangers.  I found some wood peices at a local thrift store in Hillcrest.

I was so excited to begin, that I didn’t take any before pictures :(.  Oh well. I am really happy with how they turned out!


After Christmas I was so excited about how they turned out, I headed back to the thrift store and made a few more for myself!

The following to frames came with a mirror that I removed.  The knobs for both project come from Cost Plus World Market.

replaced this one with my collection of corks!


I removed the mirror and painted the backing of the frame with chalk board paint! (I did remember to do a before for this one :))


I am having so much fun making these…I don’t think I am going to stop!


Candle Holders

30 Dec

Jared and I made a trip to Out of the Closet on Sunset, and found these amazing wooden candle holder.  He picked out six of them as well as a little wooden duck!

We used the left over paint from the Chair Project to refinish the holders 🙂


Jared's always wanted a Blue Duck

Jared’s always wanted a Blue Duck



Corn Update

30 Dec

Okay, Okay this is really old!  But I found it in the DRAFT section, and figured I should post it anyway 🙂

So…we harvested that corn!  It looked amazing!!

We threw it on the grill, buttered it up and dug in!  Sadly, it was so disgusting!

After doing some research, I think we harvested it too late.  Oh well.  At least it looks yummy!

Jared pretending to eat the corn         


12 Sep

The corn is growing!!  look:


Today Jar adn I went to Home Depot and bought soil for the veggie bed…so we will have food planted soon!

In cute news…Pickle went for her first swim in the ocean:

pickle swims pickle swims 2


25 Aug

I  like this picture that my dad took of our house when I took him on a walking path up on the hill across from our house.

our house

Farming…sort of

24 Aug

We keep talking about planting a garden, but last week we actually started!

My Dad was in town, and he figured out how to get our irrigation system functioning!  He is so SMART!! When we bought the place we were told nothing really works.  This encouraged me to get gardening!

A few weeks back we planted seed in a little greenhouse. We planted sweet corn, spinach, peppers,and basil. This picture doesn’t have the corn in the bin, because it is planted!

plants 1

Thats right, planted!   Jared leveled out the space where I took out all the rocks and my Dad fixed the water, so we bought Miracle Grow dirt and planted!  There are 12 seeds growing…well actually 10 since Pickle and Pepper jumped in there once or twice.  This picture is taken from the rock pile.


speaking of the rock pile…we found a good use for the rocks!  We are using them to fill in areas around the perimeter of the yard where Pickle can escape!  The pile is about 1/2 the size we started with…thanks Pickle 🙂


The other thing I did was build an above ground planter bed thing….for the vegetable/herb garden.

planter 2


Time to buy moe DIRT!!!!!


24 Aug

I only have 1 week of summer left!!  Can you believe that!!

I realized I better get going on some of my projects before I run out of time.

2 weeks ago Jared and I picked out some paint colors for the bedroom, because the sponge painted metalic pearl paired with dark green and brown was simply not suiting us.  You can see from the pictures how dark the room is with these walls.

paint before paint before 2

We went to Home Depot and bought some samples.

The light in the bedroom is very strange.  All the colors looked drastically different on every wall!  After much deliberation, we threw out the diareah green (jared’s words) and the purplie greys (which didn’t look purple in the can), ending with the white and light green (called Saturn Grey).

paint choice1 paint choice 2

I started painint on Friday and was EXTREMELY happy when Sister Jamie and my mom came to visit on Saturday, because they helped me to finish painting.  Here are the afters (I had to take them with my iphone becasue I couldn’t find the camera cable to import them).  I’ll try to take some better pictures later.

paint after paint after 3paint after 2

It soooo much brighter!  Our next step is to bring in the handyman to instal the baseboard trim (is that what you call it?). Plus I need to make or buy a new duvet cover.

Oh and I need to hang some art on the walls…NOT MORE LEANING PRINTS!!

I was even thinking of painting some sort of mural in the loft area.  I found this on Apartment Terapy (one of the best sites ever)

copy mural


Jared is on the fence about it.  What do ya think?